Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We're Losing Access To Public Lands!!

If you happen to be in the southwest during January, please stop by.
ALAA, the American Lands Access Association is having a meeting in beautiful down town Quartzsite:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9am (MountainTime). 
The meeting will be held at the Senior Center on Moon Mountain Road.  
ALL are welcome to attend.
It appears that the desert will be changing and not for the good of the collectors.  No matter what activities you enjoy, it appears that large tracts of land will be taken for solar projects and thus we will loose a number of collecting areas.

This meeting should be of interest to all rockhounds and to anyone who recreates on and uses public lands. The purpose of this meeting is for outreach to rockhounds and the public at Quartzsite;  to let them know about ALAA and what we do.   It is to let Rockhounds and the public know the legislative and regulatory challenges and issues facing all of us and how they can and should be involved. 

Your voice and support are needed as we try to work with the "powers that be" on a solution that will satisfy everyone.

YOU can help. Please attend if you're in the area.

More info on the ALAA website: