Monday, June 24, 2013

Do You Have A Little Meteor Hunter? You are going to LOVE this!

Just in time for the Holiday Gifting Season comes a fabulous kid's book called  "How the Meteorite got to the Museum" by Jessie Hartland.

"This science-as-entertainment book chronicles how a meteorite ended up in the American Museum of Natural History, detailing the steps that brought it from outer space, across the eastern US, to the roof of a car in Peekskill, New York, and thereafter to be verified, tested, and exhibited in the hallowed halls of the AMNH. Hartland describes the space rock's path by showing how it connected to people-e.g., fans at a football game noticed it, the police attributed its crash to vandals, firefighters cooled it off, etc."
Author: Jessie Hartland is an illustrator, cartoonist, artist, packaging and window display designer with an illustrious worldwide clientele. Among her many acclaimed non-fiction picture books are How the Meteorite Got to the Museum's predecessors How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum and How the Sphinx Got to the Museum.

...look for it at the beginning of October (around the 8th)!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Tucson EZ-Guide - Download Yours TODAY!

View free online "FlipBook" versions of Xpo Press's guides to the 2013 Tucson gem shows

• Click here to view the 2013 Tucson EZ-Guide, then click the Tucson EZ-Guide cover image or the text that reads "Click here for online Flipbook" to open it.

• Click here to view the 11" X 17" Tucson Show Map "pull-out" that is inserted between pp. 36-37 in the Tucson EZ-Guide.

• Click here to view the 16-page Tucson Shuttle Route Guide, sponsored by

There is still time to receive a copy of the printed version of the 2013 Tucson EZ-Guide in your mailbox if you want your copybefore the show. Click here to subscribe. Cost is $9.99, and your copy will be mailed first-class to you immediately after you subscribe.

Printed copies of the 2013 Tucson EZ-Guide and the Tucson Shuttle Route Guide will be available FREE, Jan. 29 - Feb. 17, on racks at the entrances to all of the shows in Tucson*, at the Tucson International Airport, on the shuttle buses and hubs, and in select local businesses, hotels and restaurants.  

* AGTA is the only show in Tucson where the Tucson EZ-Guide is not available, but it is available at AGTA's preferred hotels.