Thursday, December 9, 2010

America’s Great Outdoors - Join the Conversation

Do you know about the project from the Department of the Interior to get Americans involved in the issues facing us all - environment, land access, land use, regulations, etc

Well - here is your opportunity to become part of the solution - Make your voice heard - but keep it positive please there is already enough ranting on the site. Tell the government what you would like to see and explain the importance of public access:

Americans have a proud tradition of working together - from the ground-up - to conserve farmland and open space for future generations, restore rivers and streams, protect areas for hiking and biking, preserve beaches and coastlines, conserve wildlife habitat for fishing and hunting, and restore the cultural and historic sites that tell America’s story. In fact, community-driven efforts to conserve America’s land, water, and wildlife are a major reason why we are blessed with the parks, refuges, forests, and open spaces that we enjoy today.

Starting with the White House Conference on the Great Outdoors on April 16, President Obama has launched a national dialogue about conservation in America. As part of this dialogue, we are bringing together ranchers, farmers and forest landowners, sportsmen and women, state and local government leaders, tribal leaders, public-lands experts, conservationists, youth leaders, business representatives, and others to learn about some of the smart, creative ways communities are conserving outdoor spaces.

We hope you will join the conversation about America’s Great Outdoors. We want to hear from you about the places you love, your community’s efforts to protect them, and how we can better support modern-day land and water conservation efforts happening in communities across the country.