Sunday, August 7, 2011

You Know You're A Rockhound If...

You Might Be A Rockhound if…..
-The severe sunburn acquired on your last vacation was a one inch wide strip of skin at the gap between the tail of your shirt and the top of your pants.
-When you lick a dirty rock to show off the wonderful colors, without stopping to realize that you are the only Rockhound in the group.
-You are convinced that buried deep in some secret government archive is a document that will conclusively prove that the entire US Apollo space program was conceived and developed for the sole purpose of getting a moon rock for a certain Presidential rock collection... The truth is out there!
-Your son hits his hand with your rock hammer, your wife screams it broken, and you reply it's a fracture,
it has good cleavage, and has produced some unusual streaks in your son's underwear.
-The USGS calls to tell you they've discovered a gravitational anomaly centered on your house and to ask
if you might know the reason why.
-Considering the purchase of a spectacular specimen at a mineral show, you wonder if all three of your
kids really need to attend college.
-You begin fussing because the light strips you installed on your bookshelves aren't full spectrum.
-Your idea of a "quiet, romantic evening at home" involves blue mineral tack and thumbnail boxes.
-You've fabricated a backpack for your dog.
-you offer to buy a drink for the woman at the end of the bar only after you find out she drives a 4 wheel
drive truck.
-you have more than one story about a great find in a driveway.
-you have ever uncovered a great specimen, rolled over on your back and lit a cigarette.
-You know you're a rock hound if the only other pair of shoes you have besides high heels are your rock
-your first thought when making a decision about purchasing a new vehicle is "Is this 4wheel drive?" ...immediately followed by, "How many rocks will this thing carry, still leaving room for essentials
like my suitcases, make-up and rollers?"
-There is a pile of leaverite rocks behind the plant you work at that does not match the other rocks in the gravel used to control erosion.

And last but not least you are definitely a Rockhound if...
 most people recognize you from this angle rather than when you are face to face.

Reprinted from the July 2011 "RockChipper" - newsletter from the Woodland Hills Gem & Mineral Society.