Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Posted! 2011 Fieldtrips from CFMS South

CFMS Trip to the Oceanview Mine Dig in 2009
CFMS field trips for 2011, some dates are set some are tentative, they could change.


Jan-no field trip

Feb 26th - Kanan rd, Piuma Rd  for agate, turritella fossils, scallop fossils

March 26th/27th - Jalama Beach for agate, onyx, petrified whale bone, fossils

April 23rd/24th - Kingston Range for amethyst, pyrite, sphalerite

May 28th - Calico for agate

Nov-Wiley's Well (geodes, nodules, chalcedony, fire agate, agate,petrified wood, fossils

June-Cadys (agate
July-Greenhorn Mtns (rose quartz, epidote, tungsten ore sheelite
Aug-Oceanview (Tourmaline
Sept-Jade Cove (nephrite jade, serpentine, actinolite, abalone shells
Oct-Lavic (agate

Robert Sankovich, Adam Dean
CFMS Co Chair Field Trips South