Thursday, September 2, 2010

California State Rock Reprieved!

The announcement from Fred Ott, Pres. of the CFMS on their Yahoo Group was exciting news!

He thanked everyone for their efforts in defeating Senate Bill 624 which would have removed Serpentine as the California State Rock.

So at the time of this posting it looks like the bill has died in committee!

There are lots of people rejoicing:

Andrew Alden on his Geology Blog at exclaims: Ding Dong SB624 is Dead

...and from Garry Hayes over on the Facebook Group "California Serpentine Awareness! Keep our Rock! Fight SB 624"

"Thanks for all who helped educate the legislature about serpentine with your letters and calls! The bill died in committee, as it should have. It was unfortunate that this battle ever had to take place, when a few well-placed inquiries could have headed it off. Please stick with this Facebook page in case the issue ever arises again!"

Photo credit: Andrew's Photo Gallery of Metamorphic Rock