Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Save Our State Rock...Serpentine Gets A Bad Rep!

Hello fellow rockhounds!

For years we have had the misfortune of being prohibited from collecting at one of California's premier mineral collecting sites, Clear Creek. The reason? Bad science regarding Chrysotile, the sometimes fibrous mineral in the serpentine group.

Now a group of anti-asbestos science unions, lawyers and awareness groups are ganging up to have serpentine removed as our state rock!

We can't let this happen for a few reasons but one big one is the fact that the bill is going to lump all serpentine minerals under the classification of Asbestos! That means MILLIONS of dollars added to each construction plan anywhere near a serpentine deposit, located in 49 counties in California!

While I have written a bit about this issue, the link above does a great job of laying out most of the information! Please take a look at it and if you don't like what you see, PLEASE repost these links on any blogs, forums or email groups you belong to! Contact your local politicians and alert the media!

What seems to be an affront to the mineral community is just the beginning!

This bill is just plain evil!

From - Justin Zzyzx
Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science

Nikon's Image of Distinction, 2007 Dr. Stephen Lowry

University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Polished section of Serpentine rock (Serpentinite) (40x)